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Session 4 (12th May)

Note if as a player your GM is likely to run Retribution by Raging Swan please do not read any further.  Retribution is one of the most superb adventures, very far from a standard dungeon crawl and would be truly spoiled to play by the information contained below.  If you’re a GM I really recommend buying and running Retribution, so far it’s been a blast and even an entire session without once rolling for initiative hasn’t put the party off.

As we left our heroes last time a desperate battle seemed to have turned a corner.  Armitage’s sleep spell had stopped three of the four goblins ransacking Ruan’s quarters and Dvadi was preparing to dispense some double headed justice of the axen kind.  Elrohir had slammed the door to the Justicar Hall on the mystery archer and Hederas, having treated Armitage’s and his own wounds had retreated to the gate house.

As Dvadi rounded on the only one of Ruan’s attackers still conscious the goblin turned to face him.  A scroll fell from the bald headed creature’s hand as mists began to swirl around the room.  The last that Dvadi saw of the contemptuous creature as the thick ghostly fog obscured everything was an evil grin spreading across the creature’s face.

Outside in the cloisters a terrified screaming pierced the night audible even over the howling of the wind.  Elrohir and Hederas quickly realised that this was coming from the now gaping door to the Chapter House.  As the fog billowed from the doorway their friends had entered Hederas came closer trying unsuccessfully to try to break in the shutters to Ruan’s private Chapel.  Elrohir notched an arrow and scanned the garth bracing the doors to the hall with his back.

Within Ruan’s quarters the fog lit up suddenly in brilliant radiance and fire poured through the doorway of his sleeping chamber towards Dvadi and Armitage.  Only lightning fast reflexes stopped the two from bearing the full force of the burning torrent.

Outside the heavy double doors of the Justicar Hall slammed with incredible force into Elrohir’s back and only by dropping his weapons could he keep his footing and stop the doors from being forced open.  Hederas ran to his aid as Armitage emerged from Ruan’s quarters.  Barely had Hederas reached the doors when both he and Elrohir were thrown back by a tremendous force from within.  In the doorway stood three rotting reanimated corpses who wasted no time in attacking the party.  Hederas called on the power of Irori as Armitage rained magical missiles on the abhorent abominations.  Elrohir drew his longsword and traded blows with the creatures.  As Dvadi charged from the smoke filled rooms he came to Elrohir’s aid swiftly cutting down two of the defiled bodies returning them to peaceful death as Hederas’s crossbow finished the third.

In the midst of this frenzied battle both Hederas and Elrohir felt a presence rush past them into the hall but could not make out what it was neither did they have the opportunity to investigate. Almost as the last zombie fell the door to Ruan’s quarters flew open and the brief respite was broken. The two goblins wearing vicious spiked gauntlets had evidently been reawakened. They rushed Armitage and cut him down where he stood. Elrohir vaulted Armitage’s bleeding and crumpled body and crashed heavily to the ground tangled with the furthest of the murderous creatures. Dvadi launched himself in a furious attack on the foe that remained standing, hewing one of its arms from its body before slaying it outright. As its compatriot disentangled itself from Elrohir and staggered groggily to its feet it too was rapidly despatched. Hederas again called on his god’s healing power revived his mortally wounded companion. As he looked up the entire party saw the door to Ruan’s quarters rapidly close. As soon as he was able the still badly wounded Armitage cast another sleep spell on the now closed doorway in the hopes of stopping those within and gaining some breathing space.

The sound of screaming from the Chapter House continued to mix with the howling wind as the party stood breathless, trying to take in the furious activity of the last two minutes. Quickly checking the now apparently empty Justicar Hall, noting the open doorway to the undercroft, to ensure that they were not about to be flanked by yet more foes the party quickly pulled the remnants of the zombies from the doorway and closed the doors. Malvenos’ appearance at this time in full battle gear was welcome to the companions and after a hurried conversation he struck out for the now ominously quiet Chapter House.

In the hopes that the goblins still within Ruan’s chambers had been taken down with Armitage’s last sleep spell Armitage carefully tried the door while his companions prepared to storm the room. Unfortunately the door wouldn’t open and worried about the door waking those within if it was smashed in they decided to enter instead through the shuttered window of Ruan’s private chapel. Dvadi’s dwarven war axe made short work of the shutters and, with a mighty boost from Hederas, they both quickly entered the chapel. Hederas pulled open the door leaving Dvadi to step into the doorway and look around. A scene of chaos met the dwarf’s gaze. While the fog had cleared Ruan’s desk had taken much of the brunt of the sheet of fire discharged earlier in the assault and the short battle between Armitage and the goblins had not been kind to the furnishings either. As Dvadi surveyed the scene he quickly spotted the goblin crouched behind the unconscious form of Ruan. Before he could take action the goblin threw something at him which hit the floor with a bone rattling thunderous explosion of sound nearly deafening not only but Dvadi but Hederas as well. The cowardly creature then pulled a wicked looking dagger and held it to the throat of the helpless curate.  As Elrohir also slid through the shattered window frame Dvadi used his understanding of the goblin language to point out to the creature that it’s chances of making it out of the room if it hurt Ruan were slim, the reply was predictably short and obscene.  Turning his back on it he turned to unbarred the door to the cloisters where Armitage was preparing another sleep spell. Dvadi was surprised when from nowhere a dagger was deflected by the armour under his left arm and a second goblin literally materialised out of thin air.  Hederas wasted no time in firing off his crossbow but missed, fortunately Elrohir’s arrow did not. The wound caused the goblin to stumble at exactly the time that Dvadi swung mightily with his war axe, throwing him completely off balance and not only did he miss but stunned himself headbutting the door.  Armitage tried to open the door to help but with Dvadi slumped against it still couldn’t get in.  Luckily the goblin’s second attack was also deflected by Dvadi’s armour and Elrohir ensured that he didn’t get a third attempt with another close ranged bow shot.

The immediate danger to them over Dvadi opened the door to Armitage and put the unconscious goblin at his feet out of it’s misery before turning menacingly to face the corner where Ruan’s captor cowered…