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It’s been a long time since I had a chance to run a Pathfinder game with the kids, the first session went well but that was months ago.  This weekend seemed like a good chance so, as my originally planned lair has become somewhat child unfriendly in the writing, I grabbed Dyson’s Delve (an old school dungeon crawl that I thought would be good fun) and The Ruins at Namurta’s Halls (also from Dyson) and with a tiny bit of work ran the next session…

As the sun rose in the morning the party busied itself preparing to break camp.  It was decided that rather than work back to the lakeside and navigate that way they would head out directly to the area that they had been told was the goblins territory.  From the clearing where they spent the night the party could see the rough area they were heading for and struck into the forest north east.  After a mile or two of initially thick tangled woods the party realised that they had stumbled upon what remained of an old road heading almost directly towards their planned destination.  A corridor around 15′ across had no, or very occasionally young, trees in it while the rest of the forest bordered it directly.  Although they had to wade through ferns and bracken it was still far easier to follow this than stay in the forest itself.  Narahon carefully studied the area and found no evidence of the road being commonly used and therefore it was decided, cautiously, that it was a safe option.

As the road led up to the outcropping that they were heading for the party realised that as it crossed the brow of the rise the road was heading through a wide dip where the forest thinned.  Carefully approaching the eaves of the clearing they saw before them three buildings.  Continuing along the road would bring them to a dilapidated building the closest walls of which had fallen into a massive sinkhole, to their left a ramp rose up a 10′ high escarpment to the ruins of an old church and to their right a 20′ escarpment was topped with a heavy stone watchtower which seemed in far better repair.  Without breaking through the cover of the trees they worked their way up to the top of the steep rise near the watchtower.  Having carried out as much reconnaissance as was possible without breaking cover Killi shortly followed by Adriana and Fouhdil crossed to the tower while Narahon stayed in the eaves with an arrow notched to his bow in case of trouble.  Once safely by the tower Narahon crossed over realising that he did so that the ground was criss-crossed with goblin foot prints.  It was quickly decided that they had found the entrance to the goblin’s lair.

Originally the tower had wooden outbuildings but these had rotted to nothing leaving only the stone foundations on which they were built.  Ignoring these, as cautiously as possible, the party entered the watchtower itself.  The thick walls had withstood the long neglect well however the wooden floors and stairs within had not and they found themselves stood at the bottom of what was basically a wide and thick stone chimney.  In the centre of the single roofless room was a set of worn stone stairs spiralling down into deep darkness.  Fouhdil cast a light spell on Narahon’s longsword and the party quietly descended the stairs.

The small room at the bottom of the stairs had well constructed, if ancient, finished stone walls and was floored with flagstones.  From it stretched a short passageway to the south east ending in an open doorway leading to a larger room beyond.  Unfortunately the light from the party must have warned the two goblin guards who ambushed Narahon as he entered the larger room.  Something must have rattled them as neither managed to land their initial blows.  Unfortunately one of them managed to land a second blow before Narahon could fully react injuring the ranger who rounded on one of his attackers as Killi stormed the other.  Narahon, faced with his most despised enemy, cut his foe down quickly while Killi finished his guard with dazzling swordsmanship rending him unconscious with a single blow.  Both thought they heard something approaching from one of the corridors leaving this chamber and while Killi moved to the side of the doorway to ambush whatever was coming Narahon ran several steps beyond the doorway in the hopes of being able to ambush them from a bend in the corridor.

As three goblins careered down the corridor Narahon cut one down before it or it’s comrades knew what had happened, indeed it’s first companion almost stumbled over it’s falling body only to be met by Narahon’s dagger which gravely injured it.  With Killi directly behind him to back him up Narahon fought a savage battle with the two goblin warriors in the corridor quickly dispatching both.  After pausing to check that there were no sounds of pursuit the party retreated to the site of the first ambush to strip the corpses and recover.

Adriana found Narahon’s wounds difficult to heal but dealt with the worst of them and restored Killi to full health.  The party then checked their immediate surroundings.  A corridor stretched to the east however it was felt that initially they should check to see where the goblin reinforcements had come from.  A little further down the corridor they had fought in they found what was obviously a guard room and from under the only door in the room the light of a fire burning could be seen…