Al Qadim Campaign


2014 was the year I started playing role playing games again.  I started my Woodshed Poets game using Pathfinder and set on The Lonely Coast in March and then at the end of the year I Kickstarted Kobold Press’ Arabian Nights setting for Pathfinder – Southlands.  With nearly a year to wait until they came out I found I’d got an Arabian Nights itch that I really wanted to scratch (my band Secret Archives of the Vatican have long been inspired by those stories).

A friend suggested I look for the old TSR setting Al Qadim and I really liked what I found.  Initially published for 2nd edition AD&D it took some time to convert it to Pathfinder (I started playing long before the conversion was complete).  Running it online means I can simply post up the game play so if anyone is interested here are all the episodes of the campaign.

Index of sessions:

  1. A Flick Of The Tail – Session 1
  2. A Flick Of The Tail – Session 2
  3. The Vizier’s Turban – Session 3
  4. The Vizier’s Turban – Session 4
  5. The Vizier’s Turban – Session 5
  6. Sakina Falls – Session 6
  7. Sakina Falls – Session 7
  8. Inside Sakina Falls – Session 8
  9. Hidden Treasures – Session 9

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