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My online Conan campaign is still running and we’re having a lot of fun with it.  I’ve already shared the graphics I made up for the Momentum, Fortune and Doom tokens but I’ve also recently added macros for combat dice in my Roll20 setup.

The Graphics

For the dice I’m using a single axe for the 1 face.

CD 1 Damage

A crossed axe and sword for the 2 face.

CD 2 Damage

A blank white square for the 3 and 4 faces.

CD 3-4 Damage

Lastly a phoenix for the 5 and 6 faces.

CD 5-6 Damage

Roll20 Code

In Roll20 I’ve then added a Rollable Table for combat dice (I titled it CD to make writing macros really easy).  Tick the “Players can roll from this table” option and set up four options.

  1. Name 1 – Weight 1 and use the single axe picture.
  2. Name 2 – Weight 1 and use the sword and axe picture.
  3. Name Blank – Weight 2 and use the blank picture.
  4. Name 1 – Weight 2 and use the phoenix picture.

To roll a combat dice the syntax is then /Roll 1t[CD] where 1 is the number of dice and [CD] is the name of the rollable table.

Hope that helps and let me know if you find the graphics or the code useful.