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We ran the sixth session of my first online campaign tonight (you can find the rest here).  A little odd as one of our players had lost their voice and therefore had to join in only using the chat, but still a good session.

I recently Kickstarted Kobold Press’ Arabian Nights setting for Pathfinder – Southlands.  I’m really looking forward to getting those books at the end of this year however in the meantime I really fancied doing some Arabian Nights inspired roleplaying (my band Secret Archives of the Vatican have long been inspired by those stories).  A friend suggested I look for the old TSR setting Al Qadim and I really liked what I found.  Initially published for 2nd edition AD&D it took some time to convert it to Pathfinder but my players (most of whom are also in my “in person” Lonely Coast campaign) thought it sounded like fun.

So here it is the fifth session of my Al Qadim campaign…