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My youngest son just seems to keep coming up with interesting ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of.  This time he asked if we’d be able to run a Prince Of Persia: Sands of Time game.  I’m a massive fan of Arabian Nights type games, I’m running an Al Qadim campaign, am looking forward to getting my copy of Southlands by Kobold Press which I Kickstarted last year and am seriously tempted by Hellfrost Land Of Fire by Triple Ace Games so the idea of running a Prince Of Persia game sounded good.  The characters would need to be low armour and high agility knowing that lots of acrobatics would be expected.  The interesting thing was my son’s immediate assumption that at least one character would be able to turn back time like you could in the computer game.

While walking to the car from my “local” games shop (Gamer’s Guild in Redhill) he was chatting to my brother and me about ideas for the game.  My brother suddenly suggested that you could simply give the Dagger Of Time it’s own bennies.  Very simple and the mechanic is almost built into Savage Worlds as it stands.

I’ve spent a week or two thinking about how to tweak it, encouraged by youngest who keeps talking about it.  Like several of my game ideas I doubt if I’ll ever run it but it’s fun to think about.  So this is what I’m thinking at the moment…

  • While it is simple to have the dagger simply allow for a reroll as a normal bennie I actually like the idea of making it rewind an entire combat round (for all combatants), either back to the last time that character had their action or simply to the beginning of this combat round giving the character with the dagger a joker for his initiative.
  • Reloading used bennies to the dagger obviously has to be something that has a penalty to it.  My current thought is that if you attack and get a raise then you can choose not to wound and instead get a bennie back for the dagger.
  • The dagger will have to have a maximum number of bennies.  I’d probably start with three but allow that limit to rise by one if it’s reloaded when at maximum four times in a row (e.g. if you’ve got three bennies in the dagger, don’t use any of them and reload the dagger four times in a row you’ll end up with four in the dagger and a from then on the maximum number of bennies in the dagger is four).

If anyone does run a game with these rules I’d love to hear about it, or hear your thoughts on it even if you don’t.