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At some point in the future my players will most likely discover the lost city of Hadramkath and a couple of sessions back the characters found a map detailing part of the city.  For a number of reasons I’m not going into pertaining to spoilers which I’m worried my players of my Lonely Coast campaign might read I have taken my time giving them the map but it’s finished and I thought I’d share it.

I’m not going to say which of Dyson’s awesome maps this is taken from in case it comes as too much of a temptation for my players and they take a peak.  I downloaded the maps below from Dyson’s site (if you’re not already following Dyson then why not, the guy supplies amazing maps free of charge, although he also accepts money via Patreon)…



Then in photoshop I joined the two together and added some text to get the following…


The text reads…

The Marble and Bronze Halls of Hadramkath

The vast marble hall of Hadramkath truly one of the wonders of the legendary city. Carved and polished by the masters of old. Those who are lucky will be led to it via the fabled bronze halls where the statues of the original kings of Hadramkath stand guard.

Now as I’m planning to give this out I then went through the techniques I got from The Outsiders 68 video (and I wish I’d thought to take photos as I went but I didn’t)

  • Rubbed the paper all over with an old tea bag.
  • Cumpled it up.
  • Folded it carefully into four.
  • Unfolded it and baked it for about eight minutes in the oven.
  • Cut round the edges.
  • Coloured the edges with a black marker.
  • Folded it up and pressed it between several heavy books.

This is the finished article ready to give out to my players, as you can probably tell I’m pretty pleased with the result.

Hadramkath - Finished Player MapThe paper feels beautifully old and textured from the time in the oven and when I gave it to the players tonight they loved it.