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I hesitate to advertise Kickstarters on this blog but I thought I’d put this out here.  I’ve backed both the A6 and A5 Gamer Notebooks recently and they’ve run to time and been really great products.  The latest Kickstarter they’re doing is for A3 Dungeon Desk Pads which look awesome but are a product I don’t think I’d personally use.

“The sheets in the pads are A3-sized and feature a 34×34 6mm grid for mapping, flanked by two large columns for notes. Beneath the grid, are three smaller columns ideal for writing lists, tables or additional notes. Above the grid there is space for a title and byline and a key for multi-part maps. The key has a 6×4 grid of boxes which may be shaded to show how the map on the sheet relates to neighbouring maps on other sheets.”

For more details check out their Kickstarter page.