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I recently had the hardback version of The One Ring RPG by Cubicle 7 turn up in the post and thought I’d do a quick flip through of the book.  This isn’t a full review, links to those are below the video, but as most of the reviews are for the original dual softback slipcase set I thought it would be good to show people the newer version.

For a short review I recommend watching TheOutsiders68’s video which first got me interested in the game.

For a more in depth review check out The Rogue DM’s review (it’s her fault I bought the pdf bundle).

If you want to see a full playthrough of the game I’m really enjoying a run through of Tales For The Wilderland.

The game is published by Cubicle 7, you can buy the book from them (or other good stockists) or the pdf from DriveThru.