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I said in an earlier blog post that my 9 year old had given me two ideas recently for games, so here’s the second idea. This really only applies to one game system, Hollow Earth Expedition, which cuts down on it’s versatility but I still thought it would be worth posting up.

In Hollow Earth Expedition the hollow earth contains all manner of various beastmen – apemen, lizard people, catmen, hawkmen, the list goes on and on and source material exists for all of them in the two main sourcebooks. My son was interested in the idea of playing one of these characters but not playing it within the hollow earth, rather bringing out onto the surface world which was an idea that I thought was interesting. So the thought that ran around my head was what would happen if a group of various beast men reach the surface world and we discovered by the US government.

If the hollow earth was real then traffic would have to be two-way. albeit that it is unusual for people to get to hollow earth in the game it still happens and in that case anything living inside the hollow earth must occasionally get out even if it’s more unusual. The question is who would deal with the various things that escaped Hollow Earth into the United States of America? Well what better than an underground organisation of the type of Hellboy leads in the comics, made up of various beast men from inside Hollow Earth earth itself.

The players would be the beast men in a small specialist unit, kept under wraps by the US government, that track down anything that gets up from under the surface and either dispose of it or bring it under the control of the government.

There are several things that make this particularly appealing if you already own the various excellent Hollow Earth Expedition sourcebooks. Primarily it gives you a way to run a completely new set of scenarios without the need for more source material, everything you need is already in the three core books.  In fact if you want to turn it into a more supernatural or horror based scenario (not sure that I would) those rules also already exist.  Secondly if you want to run small focused games then you don’t have to dream up elaborate reasons to have the party come together or investigate something, it’s their job.  Lastly you’ve got the US government covering up for you so you don’t have to worry about having repeated episodic adventures without the public twigging what’s going on.

As always I’m interested in what people think of the idea.