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My copy of Basic Fantasy turned up this week (for various reasons I decided I wanted to try some OSR gaming including some discussions on DawnforgedCast videos) and when my eldest boy suggested playing I countered with the suggestion that he had a crack at GMing a trial combat. My thought was that he’d find a rules light system easier to start with but he decided he’d rather run Pathfinder because he’d played it. So I packed him off with the Core Rulebook and the Bestiary to come up with an encounter while I printed off the pre rolled characters from Retribution.

My kids regularly surprise me and he started planning a whole side trek (if I hadn’t reigned him in he’d have come back with half a campaign). After showing him the relevant tables in the GameMastery Guide he’s apparently got plot twists and all sorts of good stuff planned. We started playing last night and although we didn’t have long it went really well.

Fast forward to getting youngest ready for swimming and he starts coming up with back story for his character (a ranger with goblins as a favoured enemy). Granted the village attacked by goblins and her being the sole survivor isn’t that original but it’s not bad for eight years old. With a bit of guidance I think we’re heading towards something with character hooks that eldest will be able to work into his plot lines.

Basic Fantasy might well still be on the shelf but it was worth the £4 I paid for its effect as a catalyst for the kids even if it never gets played (I’m actually hoping to do a bit of Basic Fantasy with some work colleagues in lunch breaks next week).