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The kids are still really enjoying exploring Dyson’s Delve (you can find the previous adventures here) so this weekend while my eldest was away and my eight year old had a friend over we decided to continue the game.  This was my son’s friend’s first game and he got really into it. It was my first time using my new battle at and that seemed to really help the kids to visualise the game play. It’s also the first time I’ve tried asking the players to describe their kills when they slayed an enemy, it really engaged them.

We left the party last time resting up in the chief guard’s room.  Having secured the door carefully and posted watches the time passed safely and fully rested the party set out to explore more fully hours later.  The decision was taken to continue exploring this level of the complex before heading deeper underground in order to ensure that if needed their escape route wouldn’t be blocked.

Returning to the entrance of the natural passages the group found earlier they delved into the narrow, damp and mossy passages.  After several junctions they found themselves coming out into a large natural cave with several passages exiting it.  Feeling the fast moving air coming from across the cave they carefully crossed and followed the largest of these passageways coming out unexpectedly into the night air on the bluff below the watchtower they had entered less than a day earlier.  Finding this second, less well used, exit from the caves heartened the group who realised it would be far less likely now for them to find themselves cut off from a means of retreat.

Re-entering the ebon darkness the next passageway chosen for exploration was the closest to this newly found exit.  Killi and Narahon took the lead with Fouhdil and Adriana following on.  As the short, narrow passageway opened up into a small cave Killi was surprised by the sight numerous pairs of red eyes looming out of the darkness at them.  Standing shoulder to shoulder Killi and Narahon cut down the gigantic rats that leapt from the top of their nest in the cave to replace their fallen kin.  Fouhdil managed to douse those not able to find space to join the melee with orbs of magical acid and shortly six of the rats lay dead at the companions feet.  As the party recovered it was decided to check the remains of the rat’s nest and quite a number of coins were recovered.

Returning to the main cave the next passageway to be tried was chosen in such a way that the group would be least likely to find their route of escape cut off.  Again Narahon followed Killi down a short and narrow passage although this time they found themselves interrupting a group of gigantic ferrets feasting on the corpses of the same type of dire rat that they themselves had recently fought.  While this cave was marginally larger than the last one again the companions fought shoulder to shoulder in a savage battle.  Narahon found a technique for stabbing into the gaping mouths of the creatures as they reared to attack, his new dagger finding it’s mark on the first mustelidae and then perfecting his technique with his long sword on the second.  Killi fought furiously as well, also bringing down two of the carnivorous beasts and soon all four where slain while the warriors stood triumphant but not unwounded above them.

This left only one passageway to investigate and carefully exploring it led them to the top of a curving flight of rough stairs cut into the living rock.  After a short discussion it was decided that they would reconnoitre the stairs as they may be able to approach any remaining goblins from an unexpected direction.

The stairs ended again in a large cave filled with the nest of dire rats however the ferrets had been here already and the corpses of 8 rats were littered around the place.  Having checked carefully that they were completely deceased the group pressed on down another natural passageway which soon opened up into a junction with two exits.  Unsure of exactly which way to head Narahon investigated one of the passages while Killi kept an eye on the other.  Narahon found himself looking into the largest cave they’d yet found and again into the faces of a serious number of dire rats who charged towards him.  Standing just inside the passageway to avoid having to fight more than one at a time he took a defensive stance fighting with both longsword and dagger, the whirling blades forming a shield in front of him.  As Narahon despatched the first two attackers Killi chose a tactically unwise action.  In the hopes that the passageway he was in led into the back of the cave Narahon fought in, he crept along it and suddenly found himself face to face with a ghoul who haunted this part of the cave system.  As the foul thing attacked it’s bite not only injured the brave fighter but also paralysed him.  Narahon found himself facing a horde of rats while Adriana and Fouhdil tried to aid the now stricken Killi.  Adriana called on the power of her god to drive the ghoul away from her companion but it’s strength of will was simply too strong and again it savaged Killi, all the time the pile of rat corpses grew in front of Narahon as his blades whirled their deadly dance.  Killi finally broke free of the power of the ghoul’s bite and with Adriana’s support managed to return it to the grave but not before being heavily wounded.  Narahon continued to fight a wall of rats until at last he slew the last as it slipped on the bodies of it’s fallen swarm.

While triumphant in victory the battle has left our heroes wounded and battle weary and we leave them wondering what their next step should be.