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The kids really enjoyed the last session exploring Dyson’s Delve (a freely downloadable old school dungeon crawl) so this weekend we decided to continue the game.  I really can’t recommend the 100% Crunch series by Raging Swan enough, they really helped me convert the potentially repetitive population of the dungeon to Pathfinder with very little work.

We left our heroes standing in a deserted goblin guard room pondering the light seeping beneath a wooden door.  Having tried to look under and listen at the door Killi stealthily opened it and crept along the passage to find a hobgoblin dozing in a chair in a small room.  Without waking him, Killi and Narahon positioned themselves to dispatch this adversary with minimum effort.  Slain before he was even fully awake the party searched the room and were surprised to find that their foe owned a beautifully crafted long sword.  The sword itself was light and well balanced with an inscription in runes running the length of the blade and a large ruby set in the pommel. The scabbard was crafted of yew wood with the same runic inscription inlaid in silver on it.  Killi got agreement from the party to use the new sword and quickly swapped out his old sword for this one.

Retracing their steps and heading east instead of west the party decided to ignore a largely natural passageway that was beyond a long fallen wall.  Instead they were intrigued by what appeared to be a long disused door in an ornately carved frame.  The frame was decorated with a version of the symbol of Darlen (a lawful good deity often worshipped on The Lonely Coast) and identified by Adriana as one used by the Restimon sect.  Given the stiffness of the hinges and the latch Killi still managed to open the door very quietly and explore inside.  The door opened into a long disused complex of rooms the first of which contained a dry font, again carved with the Restimon sect’s symbol.  Bypassing this room the party discovered a slightly larger room containing a largely unadorned sarcophagus.  It was felt that this was definitely worth exploring further however the lid of the sarcophagus was both heavy and well settled.  Killi and Narahon had to work hard at getting the lid to open, unfortunately once moving the lid slid easily and instead of simply cracking it ajar initially they opened it completely.  The corpse contained within was surprisingly well preserved and surprisingly had a dagger decorated with yellow gems that was still embedded below it’s ribs.  It therefore startled the party when it opened it’s eyes and sat up.  As it stood both Adriana and Fouhdil emptied their crossbows into it as Narahon and Killi grabbed for their swords but it barely seemed to register the blows.  Neither Adriana’s burst of divine energy nor Fouhdil’s magic missile made any significant impact and as Killi and Narahon regained their weapons the ancient thing struck out with staggering speed and pounded both with its bare hands.  Even with the blessings of Sarenrae that Adriana called upon both were gravely injured before they managed to land significant blows of their own.  The battle turned in their favour though before Fouhidil dealt the final blow with an orb of acid spell.  After healing themselves Narahon claimed the dagger from the long dead monk and they continued to explore.

The final room of the complex the party explored held an ornate sarcophagus before an entire wall decorated with a huge mosaic.  The party studied the mosaic which, aside from a large symbol of Darlen, showed several scenes from the life of a priest with bulging eyes.  The most pronounced of these was of him guiding a fishing vessel in to port during a mighty storm, from which the party surmised that this was most likely the final resting place of the famous Saint Ulther of the Restimon sect.  Carefully, given the occupant of the last sarcophagus they had opened, the party opened this sarcophagus as well to ensure that nothing had tainted his earthly remains. Luckily the remains of Ulther failed to reanimate so, having closed the sarcophagus, they pressed on.

Having completed a loop of these long deserted rooms they found themselves back in the more currently inhabited parts of the dungeon and a fair sized room that they had not previously explored.  At the end of a short corridor a set of stairs could be seen leading down.  As they approached these Killi who was leading was surprised to be attacked suddenly by a goblin leaping up the stairs with an axe.  The entire party backed into the room to give themselves more space defending from their attacker as they went.  Narahon positioned himself tactically to allow him and Killi to work well as a team and the goblin went down quickly under their swords.  All were dismayed to immediately see a second goblin, riding a gigantic ferret, charging down the corridor towards them.  A stunning strike from Narahon cut the scrawny goblin’s mount down from under him and although it managed an amazing dismount he too went down under the companion’s continued onslaught.

Given the likelihood following this latest encounter that there are still goblins in the lower levels the party held a discussion about the best course of action.  Adriana was concerned that the resting place of the followers of Darlen had been despoiled by some kind of necrotic evil power.  None of the party wanted to find something capable of that behind them, they therefore decided to continue exploring the crypt.  Retracing their steps to the remaining unopened door in the crypt the party steeled themselves to meet whatever was inside.

Killi’s previous skill at stealthily opening doors abandoned him at this vital moment, the grinding and squealing of the door announcing the parties arrival.  The meagre illumination the party brought with it showed a shadowy crypt with several burial niches on each wall of every alcove.  As Killi entered the room he suddenly found himself stood between several skeletal warriors brandishing weapons while more struggled from their burial niches further within the chamber.  As soon as she realised what evil lurked within the room Adriana called on the divine power of Sarenrae, feeling it flow through the room blasting the reanimated horrors.  Killi and Narahon fought a hasty retreat while Fouhdil covered them as a deformed skeleton with four arms, a wicked looking sword in each, arose from a niche at the far end of the room.  Killi and Narahon hurriedly closed the door and held it closed against the horde in the crypt while they drank healing potions and prepared themselves for what must come next.

After hurried preparations and feeling something attempting to open the door from within Killi kicked the door into the face of the leading monstrosity, stunning it with the first attempt and knocking it into those behind it with a second attack.  Taking a stance in order to allow only one creature at a time through the door the warrior and ranger fought a solid battle cutting down fighting corpse after fighting corpse.  As the pile of bones grew larger at their feet Narahon charged headlong into the crypt to attack the final three but quickly realised that this was a unwise move and found himself overcome.  Luckily Adriana called once more on the cleansing power of Sarenrae and with Fouhdil’s arcane help rescued the now unconscious ranger from a grizzly fate.

Tending to their wounds, having finally cleansed this once consecrated area, they quickly realised that although outside it was barely noon they needed somewhere to rest and recuperate before pressing deeper into the unexplored depths.  We leave them considering the best option for holing up, healing and regathering their strength so as to be ready for what awaits them…