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I don’t normally like the idea of blogging where I just point out other blogged articles unless there is some kind of value add in me doing so (for example the excellent Frugal GM blog which points at free/cheap GM resources).  I did notice this week though two excellent articles all on the topic of good advice for players and thought it was worth linking them together.  As I say apologies if you think I’m being lazy, hopefully I’m being useful.

Firstly I found Raging Swan’s excellent Looming Disaster (or how to survive a TPK) well worth a read and have already flagged it to players in my game.  Good solid advice for when things start to go wrong.  I’ve been listening to the Acquisitions Incorporated podcasts from 2013 this week (Ark of the Mad Mage), which I can’t recommend enough, and at one point they really did approach a TPK situation.  Reading it with that episode in my mind made me realise what excellent advice it was.  While discussing this Raging Swan have a set of really great Player Advice articles that are well worth checking out, or pointing your players at.

The second article is from the Sir Critical blog and is simply entitled Helping Players.  While it’s aimed at newbie players it has good solid advice that I’d recommend to any players, sometimes it’s just nice to be reminded about stuff.

Anyway that’s it, hope you or your players find the articles useful and that I’m not just being lazy putting them out there.