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This game log needs a little introduction, if you just want the log scroll down.

Once a month we have a Games Night where usually we run two (occasionally three) simultaneous games at a local pub, when one of the players for my regular Lonely Coast campaign had to cancel at relatively short notice I was slightly worried about what I should do.  I knew that I didn’t want to run the next session of Retribution without him but as we were short on GMs for this particular night I realised that I needed to run a game. My lack of experience meant that a one off session with little time to prepare was intimidating so I went looking for something that I could run with little preparation.

As regular readers will be well aware I’m a fan of Raging Swan Press and therefore they were the obvious place to turn for something that met the bill, not to mention that the familiar layout would help with me picking it up quickly.  Two short session long modules (or side-treks as Raging Swan call them) immediately sprang to mind Dwellers Amid Bones and Gibbous Moon (both of which come with pre-rolled characters as free downloadable extras) so I downloaded both and had a quick read to see which I thought would give me the least difficulty.  Having read through both I decided that Dwellers Amid Bones would be easiest for me to learn and run (I also think Gibbous Moon would make a great third level adventure for my campaign group).

On the night things got slightly more complex when last minute cancellations left us without enough players for the other game due to be running, so the best choice seemed to be to run a six player party rather than the planned four.  Luckily there are six characters in the pre-rolled set and the module gives details of how to upgrade the difficulty of the encounters to cope with the larger than normal party.

The party consisted of…

  • Talek Perrin a half-orc fighter/rogue.
  • Kethaith Azathal – a human cleric worshipping Darlen.
  • Werthic Bolhak – a dwarven fighter and possibly failed acrobat.
  • Urbren Glitterheart – a halfling rogue.
  • Paradan Hanter – a human wizard with a specialty in illusion and a love of fire.
  • Maratri Laemar – an elven ranger with a wolf companion known by the rest of the party as Trapbait.

Without further ado the below is how our new band of brave adventurers explored the burial cairn of the ancient Severed Ear tribe to attempt to defeat a pair of green dragons…

At the suggestion of Liofa Othen (the local baron) the party have been hired by Sir Atheric Sirett to track down and kill a pair of dragons who have been terrorising local villages.  Armed with a map and directions to the hills where the dragons have been seen flying the party set out.  After an uneventful journey of several days they arrive at the location specified and by lucky chance happen to see one of the fabled beasts landing with a bloody bear corpse on the summit of one of the nearby hills.  On ascending the wooded hill they find a trail of blood leading into a dark stone passageway delving deep into the hill.

Being of sturdy stock and on the hunt for dragons the party delve into the dark and dismal portal to discover what is obviously a burial cairn piled with bones.  Further inspection shows these to be orc remains that Kethaith links to the Severed Ear Tribe who famously dwelled in these hills centuries ago.  While Talek and Wethic used their darkvision to scout ahead following the bloody trail, the rest of the party stayed within the illumination conjured by Kethaith.  Whilst barely fifty feet within the tomb the party were surprised to find their path of retreat cut off by not only the ghost of an orc champion of the severed ear tribe but one who parleyed rather than attacked and sought aid in removing the defilement of the dragons in his sacred necropolis.  Kethaith conversed with the fallen warrior Gork and convinced him that the party were only too happy to help slay the dragons and together the seven pressed further into the sepulcher, quickly finding the cave where the dragons feasted on their latest kill.

The dragons unfortunately were not caught unaware and Ingeirmaugh, the male, spat a huge cloud of engulfing acid at the party before flying into the air.  Even those fleetfooted enough to dodge found acid attacking them while those who took the full force of the cloud soon found themselves burning with pain.  Not put off by this temporary pain Wethic attempted a legendary feat of heroism, charging down the slope the party found themselves on and hurling himself off the twenty foot high escarpment at Arduthal, the second dragon.  While Wethic’s axe dug deep into the beast he unfortunately also did considerable damage to both the dragon and himself with his uncontrolled collision ending his plummet.  While the rest of the party shot arrows at Ingeirmaugh and Paradan prepared a web spell for use against this airbourne foe, Maratri’s wolf companion attempted a similar attack to Wethic with unfortunately less impressive results.  Arduthal sprayed Wethic and the wolf with acid while Ingeirmaugh, managing to avoid Paradan’s web attack, landed all teeth and claws ferociously attacking both Paradan and Talek.  Things looked grim for the party with Wethic and Maratri’s wolf both seriously injured and apparently at the mercy of one dragon while the rest of were fighting in close quartered combat with the other bulkier dragon.  Luckily the mixture of Talek’s mighty falchion attack and a devastating sneak attack from Urbren left Ingeirmaugh dying at their feet while Maratri and Kethaith managed to drive Arduthal into the pool at the back of the cave before she could dispatch her potential victims.

The celebration following Paran’s final silencing of Ingeirmauch was broken by the anguish of the Gork who once again found that these cursed lizards had defiled the sacred pool and escaped.  Even the death of one of his hated enemies could not dispel his misery and he begged the party to track and kill the other beast.

Once healed and at the edge of the pool Tarek again scouted ahead.  Having drunk a potion of invisibility he slipped into the lake and swam into the submerged passageways beyond.  Looking out for pockets of air in the cave roof he ascertained that there was a flooded network of natural tunnels and that the further tracking of Arduthal would require exploration of these.  Returning to the party it was quickly decided that the use of Kethaith’s Water Breathing spell was the best way to progress into this inhospitable area.

Traversing the network of tunnels was less arduous than expected and once again Tarek was the first to creep from the pool to spy out the lair of the draconic pair.  This time though Arduthal was not caught napping and as soon as he had started to emerge from the pool a blast of acid met him.  Under Kethaith’s blessing Tarek and Wethic charged from pool and the already injured Arduthal was no longer a match for such brave heroes.  As dragon blood dries in the subterranean caverns the curse of Ingeirmauch and Arduthal’s raids will no longer hang over the surrounding area.

This, unfortunately, is where we must leave our hardy adventurers (who is this bloke Hardy anyway?) as we simply ran out of game time.  We will never find out how they managed to deal with Gork who guards the only discovered exit from the caves.  A mixture of a larger than planned party, a late start time and a less than masterful GM meant that the evening didn’t go as planned but everyone seemed to have fun which, as always, is the main goal.