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A lazy Saturday afternoon seemed like a great time to run a quick Pathfinder game with my boys (8 and 15).  Improvisational play is something that I need to up my skills on so I grabbed The Caves Of Tamran map from Gozzy’s excellent site that I found links to at Frugal GM, a copy of the Beistary, the overall map from The Lonely Coast (because I know it) and the characters we rolled up ages ago.  I also decided to make lots of use of the High or Low improvisational method the Jeff Lees posted on Gnome Stew recently (really recommend giving this a try).

Speaking of the character’s my eight year old is playing Killi (a leather clad human fighter who likes to charge from the shadows with his longsword), my 15 year old is playing Narahon (an elven ranger with a hatred of goblins and a long bow to back him up) while I look after Adriana (a human cleric) and Fouhdil (a human wizard) as NPCs who seem to perfectly happy to leave the decisions to their comrades 😉

Today’s adventure started with Adriana chatting with villiagers in the pub in Bossin (for this game we left aside the details of The Bell O Dell and the rest of Bossin) and finding out about a cave lair of goblins north of Deepwater Lake.  Early the next morning the party set out on a bright autumn morning with the aim of purging the coast of a goblin threat.

Taking the route to the south tip of Deepwater Lake the party had soon left the fields surrounding Bossin and were treking through the woods following the scarcely visible path left by the villiagers who occasionally fish on the shallows of the lake.  It was late morning when the party arrived at the lake and decided to ignore the oarless boats of the villiagers for fear of what lay in the deeps of the lake.  The going was harder than the party expected skirting the lake however judging the risk of loosing their way they decided to stay within sight of water at all times.

Shortly after the sun reached it’s zenith they found themselves at the mouth of the river that feeds The Arisum from the west side of Deepwater Lake.  As the current was swift they explored downstream to see if a suitable crossing point was available.  Unfortunately the further downstream they got the faster the current ran and the steeper the sides of the riverbank were.  Returning to the mouth of the river Killi removed his armour, and tied a length of rope between him and a tree before swimming to the north side of river.  While the current midstream nearly swept him away he managed to reach the north bank and tie off the rope to form a bridge that Adriana and Fouhdil could cross on.  As Adriana reached the far bank with Killi’s kit both Narahon and Killi noticed a scaly shape sliding into the otherwise placid water of the lake.  Readying weapons the party lost track of the beast almost until it lunged out of the water at Narahon biting him savagely but loosing it’s grip almost immediately.  Narahon bravely shot this monstrous crocodile while the supporting fire from the north bank of Killi’s sling and Fouhdil’s magic missile dispatched it quickly.  After checking that nothing else lurked close by in the water Fouhdil climbed across the improvised rope bridge.  Narahon then tied the rope off to the now dead crocodile and after swimming the river the party pulled the remains across.

Having healed Narahon’s wounds, donned their armour and butchered the best of the meat from the slain animal the party climbed a nearby ridge and set up camp.  As we leave our intrepid heros they are settling down for a good night rest, full of barbecued crocodile meat, with the prospect of discovering the goblin lair the following morning.