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My Pathfinder campaign is set on The Lonely Coast (thoroughly recommended and available as a free pdf from Raging Swan) and the first adventure the guys are playing is Retribution.

Before posting up the log of the first game session I thought I should introduce the characters and explain what led them to be on the way to The Priory Of Cymer on such a dismal winters day.

  • Dvardi Anvilbeard – This dwarven barbarian is never far from his dwarven waraxe.  A blacksmith by trade his skill using weapons is almost matched by his ability to forge them.  A staunch follower of Torag he recently arrived on the coast from the mountain kingdom of Kharhyndur hoping to find work at Wolverton or Caer Syllan working for Lord Locher’s militias.  Unable to find immediate work it was suggested that Sir Talek Annear may be able to offer him employment with the garrison at Swallowfeld.
  • Elrohir Angharad – An elven ranger who arrived early in the summer on the coast to explore the primal beauty of the forest, Elrohir has spent six months acclimatising himself to the coast between Bossin and Wolverton.  A desire to move further from the civilisation of Wolverton, coupled with the opportunity to pit himself against the goblin and half-goblin tribes with whom he has a deep seated hatred motivates his desire to move his base of operations to Swallowfeld or possibly Oakhurst.  Elrohir is a capable swordsman but excels with a bow, especially when in combat with goblins and those of their brethren.
  • Armatage Shanks – A halfling sorcerer is a rare sight in most places but in Wolverton his arrival was certainly noted.     With charisma greater than his height and a turn of speed that catches people off guard Armatage is a popular companion.  Curiosity drives many halflings and his fey nature is drawn, like so many others, to stories of The Babbling Monolith at Swallowfeld.
  • Hederas Baradin – This human cleric is a devout follower of Irori.  Highly intelligent with wisdom beyond his years he travels light with the aim of bringing light of a spiritual kind to others.  Tales of The Priory Of Cymer on The Lonely Coast have encouraged him to leave his home city of Arleclas.

On the outskirts of Wolverton lies the Taran’s Arms where the four characters happened to be on the same midwinter night when Daveth Faull approached them individually looking for stout individuals willing to guard a shipment to Tryfena’s trading post at Swallowfeld.  Accepting the employment for a variety of reasons the two day trip to Swallowfeld passed without incident.  While installed in front of the fire in The Wolf’s Head with a tankard each of Old Man (the local rich nutty brew) they were mopping up their stew when a the peace of the village is disrupted by the arrival of Caja Keast with news that her husband has been injured and poisoned.

While Father Dobell of the local church can tend Adan Keast and delay his deterioration he is unable to stop the poison and without expert help Adan will die.  If Adan can be taken to The Priory Of Cymer, five miles away, Ruan Gloyne and his acolyte Ythel could save his life.  As the party are obviously equipped for winter travel and capable of defending themselves in the outlands Caja begs them to take Adan to The Priory.